Guide BeachStar

Your vacation will be starting soon and you need these arrival instructions for your rental home. On your arrival day, you may check-in at any time after 3:30 p.m. and there is no time limit when arriving late at night. If you consider arriving before 3:30 p.m. then please contact us to check if the cleaning has been finished and if the home is ready for your occupancy. If you rent a car, it is very useful to rent it with a GPS Navigation system or to bring one along.

The address of your rental home is 11343 Kimble Dr, Fort Myers, Zip Code 33908. Arrival Map from the Airport:

The last ¼ mile in words: Go Summerlin Blvd and turn right onto San Carlos, go only 200 yards and turn again right, onto Linda Loma, go straight, stay on Linda Loma until the street ends, turn right into Juanita, go 50 yards and see to the right the Kimble Rd. The home is the two story home with the cream color vinyl siding – right at the corner lot Juanita / Kimble.

The home has two driveways. Please use the left one, the one from Juanita Dr. You can park your car in that driveway. Please NEVER LOCK THE FENCE GATE. The 2nd parking spot in that driveway is for the other rental in the same building. The entry door for your BeachStar Condo is right in front of you.

There is no key needed as the door has an electronic code-lock. You have received from us the code via email.  After you have printed this page you might want to

Kwickset Lockwrite the lock-code down:   ______________

To unlock the door please enter the code.  On the lock buttons: Please pay only attention to the single-first-digit, uneven numbers. If you entered the code correctly then you will hear a short motor-noise from the lock, disengaging the deadbolt.  Before you open the door please wait about 5 seconds for the alarm system to get deactivated. Should you fail the code, then press the closed lock-symbol and start over.
Lock the door when you leave. Please always press the center button with the ‘padlock symbol’ to lock the door each time you leave the home. Please double check if the door is really locked.


Smoking inside the home is not permitted and our cleaning staff will report to us immediately after departure, if they notice that it has been smoked inside the home.
You may smoke anywhere outdoors, but please don’t throw any cigarette butts in the yard.

TV via Roku-Box with Netflix
The TV does not have any old-fashion live cable- or local TV but you will love the commercial free way via the Roku Box with Netflix.
This option lets you watch thousands of Movies.  To see the Roku-Box you need to select first at the TV remote the HDMI input source. After that take the small, black remote with  the RoKu label at the bottom.  The HOME-symbol brings you to the main screen. Scroll with the direction cross to the red NETFLIX icon and press OK. Now you can look for thousands of movies, series and documentations and you will be able to start/stop them just like a DVD. We subscribe only to the Netflix service and it offers to you unlimited, free watching of all Netflix contend. There are many other options to choose on the RoKu main menu but we don’t subscribe to them. Some are free options and you may like to check them out.

Free WiFi is included.
We have several networks, so please search for any Network with the strongest signal. When you are prompted for the password then please enter the password we supplied to you by email. If it does not connect then please choose the next Network on the WiFi list.

Wifi password: fortmyers
Please pay attention to the spelling and type all small letters.
Once you are connected, your device should save the settings for the next time you turn it on.

The electrical cook-top is an induction type. That means you have to
place first one of the induction pots or pan onto it before it even turns
on.  The cook top does not get hot but the bottom of the pot or pan does. Without a pot or with non-compatible pots will the buttons on the cook top don’t do anything.  Please don’t use multiple high-power-devices at the same time as it will trip the circuit.

In case that a power circuit trips – the power panel is located inside your next door neighbor’s unit laundry room.

GrillHot-Dogs and moreB-B-Q Grill
We provide all our rentals with an electric Grill. You may use the grill outside on your patio. Please clean the Grill after using it and please place it back where you found it. The cleaning lady does not clean the grills, so these will be as clean as left by the last tenant. Please leave them clean, as you would like to find them.

Beach StuffBeach stuff 
It could be that the previous guests have left some beach items behind. These could be beach toys, air floats, folding chairs, umbrellas, mats, fishing poles, etc. Those are items that guests have purchased for themselves and then left behind at departure. Please be aware, that we do not provide any warranty or support for their existence, function or condition.

All our bedrooms come with fresh washed linens. We do have two different styles of bedding ware. First style is the regular American style with top-sheet and comforter. The second style is the IKEA-style (imported from Scandinavia) and it is the common style in northern, middle and eastern Europe, including Germany and Scandinavia. This style does not have a top-sheet. Instead it has duvet-covers , slip-overs that cover the entire comforter. Those are washed at any guest exchange, just like as you would wash any top sheets. This style has one duvet-covered comforter for each person, meaning also a King-size bed has two duvet-covered comforter instead of one. Our inventory of American or IKEA-Style bedding is about half-and-half, as is our origin of guests. Our cleaning staff has mostly one set bedding pre-washed and exchanges bedding during final cleanings. Therefore it will be random of what type of bedding is setup for you.
If your rental has additional sleeper sofas and you have planed of using them as beds then please bring extra bedding for those with you. We don’t supply bedding ware for sofas.

We supply only two shower-size towels per booked guest. Sorry, we don’t supply any other size towels or wash clothes. Please bring them with you if you need them.

Toilet – Please do NOT flush any feminine hygieneTwo Rolls products or non-dissolving toilette paper down the toilet. It will cause the plugging of the narrow pipes. The cleaning lady supplies 2 rolls of toilette paper per toilette-room to get you started. She also supplies the trash bags that are already in the kitchen trash can or bathroom trash can but not extra bags.

Plugged Sink or Bathtub
Plumbing in Florida seems easy to get plugged. If that happened please let a few inch water into the tub or sink, take a plastic bag and hold it tight over the overflow inlet (the opening where the water would go before it overflows the tub or sink), make sure you hold it tight because it need to be air-sealed. Take the toilet plunger, place it other the drain, press it slowly down and pull it faster out. That procedure is working the best to free your drain.

Windows / Doors
In the Winter month you might want to keep some windows or doors open. Please pay
attention to weather conditions and make sure all windows and doors are closed when it

If you or your friends rented the adjoining BeachPearl condo then please let us know if you like us to unlock the connecting door. Please keep the doors of the living- and bed-room mostly closed to transmit less noises to and from the neighboring BeachPearl unit.

The building has a central A/C system and it cannot be individually regulated, but you can open and close the air vents to your comfort level. Please keep your windows closed in the hot season.

If there is anything you notice as not proper cleaned at your arrival day or the next morning you would need to let us know right away.  For anything reported later than that we can’t recall the cleaning personal for touch ups .
For your convenience you will find a small power vacuum for tile and wood floors.

We do not supply any cleaning products, laundry detergents, or  additional  paper towels and trash bags.  There is no cleaning service performed from us during your stay but you don’t need to worry about the final cleaning. Our cleaning staff will clean the unit and wash the laundry after your stay.

Trash Removal
Please place only recyclable items into the blue trash-can . (Only if you see/find the blue trashcan) The lid of the blue trash-can shows the items that belong into that can. All other trash-cans are for all other kind of trash. Please move the BLUE trashcan MONDAY evening and all other trashcans TUESDAY evening to the road. Pickup is the next day and could be early in the morning.  After pickup,  please move the empty cans back to there prior location.

Post / Mail
Please be aware that we don’t have postal service or an active mail box at this rental. If you plan to receive regular post/mail then please check with our local UPS store for renting a P.O.Box during your vacation in Fort Myers. Their address is: or phone (239) 454-7111

Laundry Washing
Please find a public Laundromat called “Happy Wife Laundry”  with 5 minutes from the home. The address is: 15660 San Carlos Blvd # 205, Fort Myers, FL 33908, (239) 288-5318
Driving guide:

Hot-Tub / Spa
Important: Never place a child or any heavy objects on top of the hot-tub cover. Please be ware, that it could break easily, even if the cover feels firm because it is only hard Styrofoam, but
it has a replacement cost of about $ 400. Please flip or fold the cover to the right or left to open the spa only if you use it and always leave it covered when not in use. After using it, always dry your feet and put slippers or shoes on your feet when you walk back into the tile floor area inside the home. Always be aware that tiles are very slippery when wet. Parents are at all time
responsible for their children and they need to watch them all the time too.

There are two JET buttons – only one JET button has function. Half the jets in the Spa can be turned on and to stronger or less strong. Please don’t close too many jets at once because it would build too much pressure in the hose-system under the spa and could cause damage.
The temp button let you count the temperature up – each time you press the button. After pressing it shows to you the target temperature. A few seconds later it shows again the actual water temperature. We figure that 96-98 is plenty warm. The light button turns on the LED’s. After using the spa please set the temperature back to 85, turns LED lights off, turn the JET 2 button to the lowest speed. It turns off later completely and cycles every 12 hours for 2
hours or periodically to keep the set temperature. Please place the cover ALLWAYS back on the spa to avoid leaves falling into the water.

Parents need to watch their little kids, perhaps moving the stairs away from the spa. Under following link you can find and print the full guide:
Link: Hot-Tub User Manual Leisure Bay
Or you can follow the simplified guidance with only parts of the full user guide:
Leisure Bay Spa Guide

Temp Set (80°F – 104°F / 26.0°C – 40.0°C) The last measured temperature is constantly displayed on the LCD. Your spa’s set temperature range  may vary from range shown above depending on your manufacturer’s settings.
Note that the last measured spa temperature displayed is current only when the pump has been running for at least 1 minute.

Press the “Temp” button once to display the set temperature. To change the set temperature, press the pad a second time before the LCD stops flashing. Each press of the “Temp” button will continue to either raise or lower the set temperature. If the opposite direction is desired, release the pad and let the display revert to the current water temperature. Press the pad to display the set temperature, and again to make the temperature change in the desired direction. After three seconds, the LCD will automatically display the last measured spa temperature.

A button combination is used to switch between Standard (display “Std”), economy (display “Ecn”), and sleep modes (display “SLP”) Press “Temp” followed by “Light” to enter mode programming, press “Temp” to cycle through to desired mode (LCD flashes until confirmed), then press “Light” to confirm selection.

Standard mode  maintains the desired temperature. Note that the last measured spa temperature displayed is current only when the pump has been running for at least 1 minute. “ ” will appear on the display momentarily when you switch into Standard Mode.

Economy mode heats the spa to the set temperature only during filter cycles. “ ” will appear solid when the temperature is not current and will alternate with the temperature when the temperature is current. Pressing “Jets” while in Economy mode puts the spa in

Standard-In-Economy mode,  which operates the same as Standard Mode, then reverts to Economy Mode automatically after 1 hour. During this time, pressing “Temp” followed by “Light” will revert the mode to Economy immediately.

Sleep mode heats the spa to within 20°F (11°C) of the set temperature only during filter cycles. “ ” will appear on the display until mode is changed.

Standby Mode Pressing “Temp” followed by “Aux” or “Jets 2” or “Blower” will turn off all spa functions temporarily. This is helpful when changing a filter. Pressing any button exits Standby mode. On some systems the “Jets” button will control the pump in Standby Mode (“Drain Mode”). In this case, press any other button to exit. System will revert to previous mode after 1 hour.

Jets Press the “Jets” button once to turn pump 1 on or off, and to shift between low and high speeds if equipped. If left running, the pump will turn off after a timeout period. The pump 1 low speed timeout on some systems may be as long as 4 hours. On non-circ systems, the low speed of pump 1 runs when the blower or any other pump is on. It may also activate for at least 1 minute every 30 minutes to detect the spa temperature (polling) and then to heat to the set temperature if needed, depending upon mode. When the low speed turns on automatically, it cannot be deactivated from the panel; however, the high speed may be started.

The water in the hot-tub is changed every 6 weeks. Bromine is used as a disinfectant. The swimmer-device with the bromine tabs shall remain in the hot-bub. Bromine tabs are refilled by our maintenance as needed. Bromine can make the water color yellow/brown and cloudy after usage. It also can cause a strong chemical odor when first opening the lid of the hot-tub. Unfortunately that is necessary to keep bacteria out of the warm water.
With lots of hot-tub usage it might be not enough care. You may need additionally to care yourself for the water’s quality. Please take a clean water bottle and take a water test to the nearby Pinch-a-Penny shop:
They will measure your water and sell you in small bottles the correct water clarifier or chemicals.

Garage / Bicycles
To the storage it is a 13 minute walk:

The garage with the bicycles is located at 11352 Summerwinds

On the right side of the garage gate you will find a keypad. Please lift the lid and enter the code 1962  followed by pressing the up/down arrow. Please make sure that you press all buttons deep and slow, especial the last button, the up/down arrow need to be pressed and hold for almost 2 seconds, otherwise nothing happened. To close the gate, please repeat the same procedure.
This video demonstrates how to press the buttons correctly:

Please close the lid to protect the keys from rainwater.
The garage has a surveillance camera and it sends all motion as video clips to a web server.  It is mainly used to determinate who picked and who returned bicycles in case something goes missing.
This garage is only for parking of our rental bicycles and not for parking any other vehicles or storing private property.
Parking in the driveway is only permitted to the guests of the house 11350 and 11352 Summerwinds Ct.

Please check the bikes for their safety before using. Usage of the bicycles is at your own risk and parents are always responsible for their kids. Please do not use a bike, if you find something not working on it.  Please place the bicycles back in the storage after using.  Please do NOT use the bikes to drive on the sand on the beach and also avoid getting them wet with salt-water. The fine sand and the salt-water damage the bikes and make them useless.  Please place the bikes each evening either back to that garage or into a dry storage at your rental.

The bicycle storage and the bicycles are also accessible by other tenants of us.  If usage of the bikes interferes with your usage, please let us know so we will give you access to a second bicycle storage.   We don’t supply or support bicycle locks and helmets. Please bring your own lock if you plan to park bicycles out of your sight.  At the end of your stay have all bikes to be back in the main storage garage.

Smoke Detector
Duracell_9_Voltsmoke-detectorSometimes the batteries in the round smoke detectors go empty and the devices start to make a short, loud beep every 20 seconds or so. That signal indicates that the 9-Volt-rectangular battery needs to be exchanged. If you don’t find any battery in any drawer then please buy one and exchange it. We certainly reimburse the costs for it.

Small Items that you might miss or that might break
It could be,  that you miss something in the household or that something could break, for example light bulbs,  a can opener, a pot, a brush, a toaster, batteries for remotes or smog detectors etc. You may purchase such items without notifying us for a total value of up to $50. At the end of your vacation please send us a list and the receipt of the items you purchased and notify to us how much money you spent, so we can reimburse you for the expenses.
The largest and best supplied food and household items supermarket is Walmart at the South-East-corner of Summerlin Blvd and San Carlos Blvd.

Known blemishes or damages – At the moment, there are none reported.

If you find blemishes or damages at your arrival or next day then please report those immediately via email to: so you will not be held accountable for them.
If you don’t have access to email then please report them to the phone number you received with the email containing the link to this guide.

The cleaning staff always checks the inventory, especial also the existence of the grill and vacuum shorty before your arrival. However, should be any of those items missing then please also report this immediately to us, otherwise you will be held accountable for lost items.

If something needs urgent attention, like a leaking water pipe, a non-stopping toilette flush, a entry door lock that does not open, A/C that does not work, etc., please don’t hesitate reporting it to the phone number you received with the email containing the link to this guide or via Email to:

Emergency Medical – Police – Fire truck
For such kind of emergency  USE YOUR CELLULAR PHONE to dial 911
(if you don’t have a cellular phone then we recommend that you get a pre-paid cellular phone as the phone in the house is an VOIP-internet connected phone and does NOT provide 911-routing.)
and provide your address:

11343 Kimble Dr, Fort Myers, Zip Code 33908

off-deep-woodsNo-See-Ums (Bug Bites)
You might wake up in the night or morning and something is itching. No, it’s not bed bugs, fleas or anything in your rental. It’s the bites from the invisible No-See-Ums bugs common in our area. They are an outdoors insect, mostly active during the sunset time or on cloudy days. You won’t find them in middays sunshine.

Best protection is the regular Mosquito repellant. Good worked always the spray called “Off Deep Woods” sold at Publix and Walgreen.

Ghost Ants and Sweet Ants
You want to make sure to keep all sweets away, sugar in the refrigerator and other sweets ant-killerlike cookies etc. in zipper bags. Please rinse empty drinking glasses right away. Those little ants only need hours to find their way in hundreds. The only way to keep them out it being strict about no sweets being exposed. Once they are in, they will keep looking. The only way to get ridge of them is the Terro liquid ant killer, sold by Publix or the Ace Hardware Store at the corner San Carlos Blvd and Kelly Green Rd. Apply little drops at corners that are passed by the ants and re-apply twice a day for about 3 days. That will eared their colony.

Checkout needs to be until 10:30 a.m. at day of departure.  Sometimes it can be possible to check out a bit later, but it needs to be confirmed with us. Before departure:

  • Please make sure that all dishes are washed and placed back into the cabinets.
  • Please place your trash in the big trash cans and move all of them to the curbside even if the trash pickup day is days away.
  • Please make sure that all windows and all doors are locked.
  • Very last step: Important! After the door is locked enter the code 3399


Useful local guidance

This is an open community with no restrictions like in closed adult- or other gated communities. You will find an international mix of short- and long-term-tenants all ages, with and without children. Kids play here often outdoors with bikes or balls in the small neighborhood roads. Please drive slow and careful, watch for kids, pets and elderly neighbors. Weekends might be party time and music could play in some back- and front-yards. Please be tolerant with your neighbors.
The community bordering Publix supermarket offers the convenient option that you can push your shopping cart home and leave it at the curbside for the weekly pickup.

Bus / Beach Trolley
Shortest walkway:   (You might start at the corner Kimble / Juanita)

Via this web page you can find out about the Beach Trolley and all other local bus

This link shows you a map with the closest restaurants to the home:

Public Fort Myers Beach Community Pool
with slides for kids and Olympic size swimming for adults:

Rental Cars
on San Carlos Blvd, toward Fort Myers Beach, you can find this rental car business:

Scooters, Motorcycles & special Bicycles
Directly on Estero Blvd in Fort Myers Beach:

Boat Rentals
2500 Main Street – Fort Myers Beach, FL

Photos from our touristic surroundings
We collect the best photos from our area for presenting them in our online album:

Video from our most popular, next Beach